"The weaver pictured [above] is Antonia Rapošová from Hubova in the Vah valley. The Vah runs east-west through the souther flank of the Carpathian mountains. The smaller samples [below] are woven by Kveta Cholvadová  from Liptovská Kokova, a village upriver in the mountains, near Liptovský Hradok. The sample with the bits of inlay has a hemp warp and is a very traditional piece done by KC. She weaves only in January-March, when her barn-frame loom is set up in her large kitchen. When I was there, it was in parts in her shed. AR has a small weaving shed next to her house with a loom squeezed into it. Both of them weave on two-shaft looms and all the patterning is in pick-up. KC is the more inventive one. . . . There were only a couple of rugs from around Bratislava". Ute Bargman - weaver/ historian