Vol. 17 No.1 Spring/Summer 2006
My Approach to Rug Weaving by Wynne Mattila, article about Jaunita Hofstrom and her school in Shopiere, WI, Newcomb Loom Parts Business in Michigan, Linda Snodgrass, El Dorado Springs, MO tells her story, An Historic Exhibit, A Book, and a Convergence Seminar by Marie A. Gile & Marion Marzolf, Weaving for the Wall by Marion Marzolf, I wish I had a loom by A. Laine (building a barn frame loom). Project: Plain Weave Does Not Need to be Plain! by Karen Pfundtner (aka KarenInTheWoods) Oconto, WI. Loom. Loom Page: Evilsizor/ A. C. Evans/ Reed Looms of Springfield, OH by Linda Bertanzetti.

Vol. 17 No. 2 Fall/Winter 2006
Reedcraft Weavers. Inc. by Lewis A. Small. Katie Farr at Lyme Village, Bellevue, OH, Art Camp in Duluth, MN, Helen Swanson, her story, The Weavers of Old Williamsburgh, Maureen Yukl, teacher and demonstrator, Gene Valk, the story of her weaving and teaching, Joseph L. Hill, weaver at 90 years old. Project: Clasped Weft by Barbara Hansen. Loom Page: Finnish Loom from Negaunee, MI.

Vol. 18 No. 1 Spring/Summer 2007
Irene Johnson, Ely, Minnesota Weaver written by Susan Johnson, Irene's daughter. An article about Irene's history as a rug weaver using the Finnish 3 Shuttle Weave for her rag rugs. Hilary Cooper-Kenny, Kingsbury, NY creates rag rugs and placements from mill ends, selvedge material and recycled fabric. She talks about her 7 ft. Toika Countermarche Loom. Wayne Waite discusses the period between the Fall of 1963 and the Fall of 1968 when he was employed at the Union Loom Company in Boonville, NY. Rug weavers at the Rag Rug Show and Tell at Convergence 2006 show their rugs and talk about them. Project: Double Binding Rag Rugs by Margaret Thorson in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Loom Page: Rag Rug Weaving at Genesee County Village & Museum by Sue Kinsey, Geneseo, NY. Sue talks about her experience weaving at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, Mumford, NY. She describes the barn frame loom they are using to weave the rugs.

Vol. 18 No. 2 Fall/Winter 2007
Chris Gustin, Columbus, IN, operates the Homestead Weaving Studio. She describes her journey using a variety of recycled materials from industry and the Salvation Army as well as other community thrift shops. In 2008 she celebrated being a weaver for 40 years. She has produced between 400 and 1,000 rugs per year reusing tons of industrial byproducts. Carrie Miller, New Field, NY, tells about weaving a fleece rug. Terryl Ryan, Field, Ontario, Canada, tells about her education in weaving and teaching floor loom weaving, quilting, rug hooking, basket making, rustic twig furniture etc. Jean Beck, La Farge, WI writes about an auction she attended where she saw and purchased some exceptional antique rag rugs. The Arts and Crafts Movement in "Head, Heart and Hands - Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America." by Bonnie Klatt. Loom Page: My Resurrection of a Union Custom Loom by Franklin Drake. Project: Clustered Warp Strip Rug or Rep Stripe Rug, three checkerboard stripes are formed by closely sett warps in alternating colors.

Vol. 19 No. 1 Spring/Summer 2008
Dorothy Keele, Mt Vernon, IL, writes about her development as a rag rug weaver. Marilyn Magnus, Barnet VT, is the owner of Magnus Wools. She creates one-of-a-kind hand woven and hand dyed area rugs, many woven from the wool of Vermont sheep. Jaunita Hofstrom, owner of the weaving school and studio, "Vavning" in Clinton, WI, tells of her trip to the Web Stube in Allgau, a province in Germany. Anita Bellingham, Phoenix, AZ, won First Prize at the Arizona State Fair with a rug made of old nylons. Kay Bertrand, Tipp City, OH, sends an article about her teaching and weaving. Alison Milne from New Zealand tells about a recent project called "A Juxtaposition of Journeys" four narrow pieces subtitled "A Journey across New Zealand." Fr. Gary Norman, Waterville, WA, tells about his rag rugs. "Head, Heart and Hands - Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America" by Bonnie Klatt continued. Project: Two Tote Bags, KarenInTheWoods and Juanita Hofstrom sent directions. Loom Page: The Superior Six harness Loom made by the Reed Loom Company, Springfield, OH written by Linda Bertanzetti.

Vol. 19 No. 2 Fall/Winter 2008
FinnFest 2008 "Sharing the Spirit of Finland" in the summer in Duluth. A report on the sessions of greatest interest to rug weavers. This was an exhibition at Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota, Duluth organized by Marlene Wisuri and curated by Peter Spooner and Mary Erickson. The exhibit included a large barn frame loom made locally in the 1890s by Mike Niemala and a number of traditional and contemporary works: rugs, wall hangings, Ryijy rugs, tapestries and clothing. There was a craft room where spinning, weaving and flax preparation was demonstrated. An article by Jean Scorgie about the beginnings of her interest in rag weaving with her mother. JoAnn Batchelder's (Bay City, MI) granddaughters wove rugs using the Diamond Pattern. Scott Bowen tells how he cuts his denim and weaves the rugs on his Union Custom Loom. Kathy Berlincourt has written a story about Margaret Crase and about her own experiences with starting to weave. Windy Ferree, Williamsburg, OH tells about her guild and the Newman family of weavers. Alicia L. Wilson and Carol Cidor talk about their most recent rugs and Pam Gray writes about her Great-grandfather and his Union Special Loom. Sharon Kruppenbacher writes an obituary for her teacher, Gene Elizabeth Valk, Gloversville, NY, weaver, teacher, author and textile historian. Gene's Blue Rugs are explained. Leslie Johnson's Rag Rug Bag is pictured. Project: Double Faced Rag Rug, several versions. Loom Page: The story of the Gilmore Loom Company by Bob Allen.

Vol. 20 No. 1 Spring/Summer 2009
Larry Cramer, Martinsville, IN tells about his weaving studio and looms. Hazel De Keyser, Green Bay, WI writes about her 2 looms, a Union Special and a Newcomb "Weaver's Delight." Margaret Thorson gives an opinion on special orders for rugs. Andrea Anderson, Downers Grove, IL, sent pictures of her 3 shuttle rugs. Lillian Kohlway sent a picture of her loom and her rugs. Alison Wills sent an article about her Uncle William Renner and his loom which was built in Germany. There is a tribute to the late Peter Collingwood, a favorite story. Wanda Lynn has written an account of her years working at the Oriental Rug Co. in Lima, OH. There is a description of a Union Victory Loom. Hilary Cooper-Kenny has written about her rugs made from sock seconds. Eleanor Jania is pictured selling her rugs at the Carlton County Farmer's Market. Project: One Threading, Several Structures by Kay Reiber, plain rug with either fabric weft or fabric alternating with 8/4 cotton, Irene Johnson's Double-Faced Rug, Tom Knisely's Double Faced Broken Twill. Loom Page: The Saga of Two Edward F. Worst's Looms by Gayle Crompton, Docent at the Canal Museum, Will County Historical Society.

Vol. 20 No. 2 Fall/Winter 2009
ReNee Page, Sandy, UT, writes about her rag weaving. Paula Pfaff tells the story of Chris Kirkwood, rug weaver. A letter from Susan Yarrington, Puposki, MN, about her early weaving experiences on her Union Loom and her niece's granddaughter's first rug. Carmella Crandell, Spooner, WI writes about a class project in weaving. An article by Kathy Walsh Nufer in The Post-Crescent, Appleton, WI tells of using an old loom for special education students for therapy and solace. Sue Balde, Cleveland, WI, writes about her mother's many projects and the resulting rugs Sue wove. Linda Bertanzetti, Columbiana, OH gives advice on marketing handwovens. Linda Snodgrass, El Dorado Springs, MO. weaves on twelve looms She is pictured with her special loom for card weaving. Veda Ponikvar writes about weavers and spinners Carol Sperling and Ruth Koski at Ironworld (now closed) in northern Minnesota. "Weavers of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America: Ann Nott Shook & The Roycroft Rug Weavers" by Bonnie Klatt, East Aurora, NY. Project: Diamond Rag Rugs by Su Butler. Loom Page: Gayle Crompton continues her story of the move of the Edward F. Worst looms from the home of Martha Craig Lembcke to the Will County Historical Society, Lockport, IL

Vol. 21 No. 1 Spring/Summer 2010
Lee Greenewalt tells us about her new weaving studio. The weavers of the Iron County Historical Museum in Hurley, Wisconsin, are interviewed by Jeff Peters of THE ECHO newspaper, Mellen, Wisconsin. Anya Hoykinpuro writes about an article from a Finnish woman's magazine dating back to the 1940s which talks about ways of using available materials, both new and recycles, to weave new textiles for the home. Alicia Watson's story about her use of a great gift of 3 large bags of material leftover from sewing projects. Book Review by Anya: A book written in Finnish about rag rugs and their history by Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen. An article from The Register, The Wicked Local, Cape Cod by Nicole Muller about a group of woman who weave together at Dennis Memorial Library, Dennis, Massachusetts. Article: Lou and Betty Pfulb demonstrate and have a weaving studio in Flippin, Arkansas, and Maureen Yukl wrote about the 31st Annual Hudson Mohawk Weavers Guild Show and Sale in Albany, New York. Project: "The Zigzag Design (An Inlaid Pattern)" a combination of three rows twisted weft and a single weft of another color which moves from one row to the next. Loom Page: "A Visit to the Ripleys". The late Chuck and Donna Ripley had a heritage museum which was filled with antiques including many looms.

Vol. 21 No. 2 Fall/Winter 2010
Susan Brown, Hermansville, Michigan, writes about her business, "Not Just Brown Rugs! custom woven rag rugs, table runners, place mats, stair runners, purses, etc." Several articles: "Radiant Rag Rugs" about Sandy Voss, Espanola, New Mexico, and "Handweaving in the Industrial Age: 1865-1920" by Theresa Trebon plus a letter and photo from Anya Hokinpuro from Finland. Sara von Tresckow, from the Wool Gathers in Wisconsin describes what "worms" really are and Karen Pfundtner (KarenInTheWoods) gives a tour of the Iron County Historical Museum in Hurley, Wisconsin, and the weavers who are working there. Project: Two Harness Log Cabin Variation Rag Rug using 8 colors instead of two by Karen Pfundtner, Oconto, Wisconsin.

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