Vol. 7 No. 1 Spring 1996
Tasha Tudor,Weaver, by Joan Donaldson, Dorothy Warner, Sandusky, MI, Lois and Lee Rhea, Askov, MN, Annikki Marttila,Frederick, SD, Irene Ronning, Two Harbors, MN, Sue Garber, weaver, Angola, IN, Rag Rug Study by Debbie Cooter, Marion Poellot, Red Wing, MN, Betsy Whitcomb, Garden City, KS. Project: Split Shed Doublebinding on 2 Shafts by Aletha Hay. Loom Page: A Loom Rescue by Gemma Montgomery.

Vol. 7 No. 2 Winter 1996
Weaving a Stair Carpet by Donna Bonchin., FinnFest USA 96 at Marquette, MI, Finnish weavers: Anna Lassila,,, Beatrice Raisanen, Edwin Kauma, Carol Saari and a story about Johanna Pohjala, Laina Lampi, Clawson, MI, Evelyn Vignola, Becket, MA, Colleen Tabaika, St. Paul, MN, Shirley Simms, Kadiz, KY. Project: Poppana Weaving by Anya Höykinpuro, Making Your Own Poppana Strips. Loom Page: The Heiskanen Family Loom by Raymond J. and Shirley Hibbeln.

Vol. 8 No. 1 Spring 1997
Teresa Anthony’s Studio, Geneseo, IL by Teresa L. Anthony, Charles Smith, East Lansing, MI, Dorothy Jennings, Hermann, MS, Margaret Crase, Battle Creek, MI, Kay Reiber, Twisp, WA, Betty Polansky, Solvang, CA. A Rags to Riches Story about Marie Burgett and her sister, Laura Penland, KS. Project: Two Block Weft Faced Rug by Phyllis Waggoner. Loom Page: Reed Loom Company-Springfield, Ohio written by Theresa Trebon.

Vol. 8 No. 2 Winter 1997
Sandra von Sneidern, Australian Weaver, Ella Baker, Lexington, VA, Ellamae Emmons, Anoka, MN, Margaret Whiting's A Quick Way to Join Loopers. Kathy Grant, Simsbury, CT, Nancy Williams' Old Loom, Wasilla, AK. Project: A Krokbragd Rag Rug by Ann Hauschild. Loom Page: Sabina Looms by Jill Holl.

Vol. 9 No. 1 Spring /Summer 1998
Weavers, Richard and Linda Surace, Their Story, Audrey Stevens, Waterloo, IA, Wilma Nelson, Custer, MI, Hilda and Harley Pegelow, Horicon, WI, Dana Garcia's Story from Petaluma, CA, Rosemary Graetz, Amherst, WI, Gene Valk, Gloversville, NY, Miriam Olson, Hardwick, VT. Book Review: Weaving Contemporary Rag Rugs by Heather Allen. Project: Double Helix "Diamond Rug" by Debra K. Sharpee.

Vol. 9 No. 2 Fall/Winter 1998
A Rag Rug Discovery by Lila Nelson about the 108 Ft. long rug woven by Marion Olerud at the turn of the century, Mary Snyder's Story, Clayton, NY, Anne Nagy, Towanda, PA, Anita Bellinger, Phoenix, AZ, Linda Surace on Dick Surace, Scipio, NY, Mark Simonson, Fosston, MN, Winnie Haines, Delton, MI, Debra K. Sharpee, De Forest, WI. Book Review; Rag Weaving: Gimmicks and Tricks by Johanna Erickson. Loom Pages: The Sears Hearthside Loom by Nancy M. McKenna.

Vol. 10 No. 1 Spring/Summer 1999
An antique Swedish Loom by Edi Thorstensson, Rags to Rugs in Egypt by Evelyn Hopping, Ruth Chamberlain, Hancock, MI, Mary Ellen Thude, Scottsdale, AZ, Maureen Yukl, teacher and demonstrator, Pearl Zofti, Onamia, MN, Minnesota weavers: Nedra Granquist and Barbara Heath, Marion Poellot and the "Kettle River Loom," Review: The Spinning Wheel Sleuth introduces Hand looms: Supplements. Project: Summer and Winter Bound Weave Rag Rug by Anita Bellinger. Loom Page: Part I of Boonville’s Union Loom Works from the files of the Boonville Town Historian by James S. Pitcher.

Vol. 10 No. 2 Fall/Winter 1999
Bluster Bay Woodworks, Weaving Rag Rugs on a small Island near Sitka, Alaska by Kristie Sherrodd, Portrait of a Loom by Mary Nikkari Bindewald, Dona Johnson, Rocky Mountain Rag Rugs, Karen Lipscomb and Maryjane Melis, Rug Study Group in Rhode Island, Ann Eaton at the Center For Fiber Arts. Loom Pages: Part II of Boonville’s Union Loom Works by James S. Pitcher, Union Looms, excerpts from the catalogues of the Union Loom Works.

Vol. 11 No. 1 Spring/Summer 2000
Bob Meyering writes about his Union Loom No. 36, Bertha Galloway, Rita Krembs,
sister Angela Stonich, Ilene Smith, Poem by Johanna Pohjala, Laina Lampi, Billie Pearson, Anna Nott Shook by Ann Enix. Project: Log Cabin Rag Rugs by Betty Pezalla, Rag Cutting Jig by Wendy Regier, Loom Page: Excerpts from the Catalogues of the Union Loom Works and the Union Loom Works Chronology, 1918 to 1969.

Vol. 11 No. 2 Fall/Winter 2000
Linda Ann Marie Bertanzetti writes about her looms and rag rug weaving, Sticks and Stones and Goat Bones by Evelyn Hopping about weaving with Bedouin women in the desert, My Union Loom by Sandra Brian Lore, Union Loom History by Rita Roberson. Project: Two Shaft Rug by Alice Dahlberg, Duluth, MN. Loom Pages: Old Loom Restorations by Ralph Bertanzetti, the Newcomb "Weaver's Friend Loom."