Introductory Copy 1989 free intro copy.
Rep Stripe Rug, denim patterns, Contoured Commode Rug, Eli and Katie Swartzentruber, weavers from Kalona, IA, Slit-and-Pass-Through method of joining rags. Book Review: Weaving with Foot Power Looms by Edward F. Worst. Project: "Clustered Warp Stripes."

Vol. 1 No. 1 Spr. 1990
Lowell and Ina Blades, weavers from Sterling, IL, The Saga of a Rag Rug by Gene Valk, Lona Johnson, Montana Weaver by Cheryl Collins, Alison Milne, weaver from New Zealand, Gloria Nielson, weaver from IA. The Rag Rug in Norway, Harrisville Rug Loom. Book Review: Hand Weavers' Guide by G.L. Reed (Reed loom Company) Project: Rosepath Rag Rugs, 3 different weavers, Susan Saari-Karasti, Traudi Bestler and Jane T. Palmer.

Vol. 1 No. 2 Fall/Winter 1990

Tribute to Wanda Lynn (Oriental Rug Co.) Ron Bushman, weaver from Utah, Betty Ziegler, Cliffwood, NJ, Overshot rugs, Projects: Overshot Rug, tabby ground and supplementary weft for patterning (Helen Pharr, Bismarck, ND) & Warp Faced Whig Rose Rug (Sarah Reed, Huntington, WV).

Vol. 2 No. 1 Spring/Summer 1991

Vicky Tripp, weaver from Northfield, MN, Marilyn Check from Rochester, MN, Double Corduroy Rag Pile Rugs by Alison Milne, New Zealand, Thoughts on What to Charge for Rag Rugs by Paula Pfaff, Report from Nedra Granquist on the Rag Rug Study Group at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. Projects: Log Cabin Rag Rug by Johanna Erickson (symmetrical), A Touch of Norway (decorative borders) by Caroline Miller.

Vol. 2 No. 2 Winter, 1991
Helen Fell George, Phoenix, AZ by Kim Squillace, Phyllis Fetty, Weaver, by Sarah Reed of Huntington, WV, Vada Frank, Maysville/Edgemont Yarns Story, Book Review: Home Life in Colonial Days by Alice Morse Earle, Project: Log Cabin Rag Rug by Johanna Erickson (asymmetrical), A Touch of Norway II by Caroline Miller, a decorative heading for rag rugs.

Vol. 3 No. 1 Summer 1992

Rag Rugs in Finland, Martin Laaksonen of Lake Worth, FL by Ulla Saari, Dorothy Warner, weaver, Sandusky, MI, Margaret Crase, volunteer at Charlton Park, MI, Gene Valk, Dottie Wiley, production weaver, Cheryl Collins writes about Flathead Industries in Kalispell, MT. Book Review: Weaving Rag Rugs: A Women's Craft in Western Maryland by Geraldine Niva Johnson, Rag Rugs in Finland by Paula Pfaff and Anja Hoykinpuro. Project: Finnish Three Shuttle Weaving by Irene Johnson, Ely, MN

Vol. 3 No. 2 Winter 1992

Viola O'Connor, Isanti, MN, Avie Powell, Clasped Weft Technique, Betty Pezalla, Moorhead, MN. Barb Parkinson, Canada, Barb Barnett, weaver/teacher/collector, Plainfield, IA. Organizing a Rug Study Group by Nedra Granquist and Donna Bonchin, Marion Poellot, Red Wing, MN. Projects: Carriage Wheel Rugs by Donna Bonchin, Picnic Rug by Alison Milne, How to make Bias Strips by Nedra Granquist.

Vol. 4 No. 1 Summer 1993
Ruby Jansen, rag rug weaver, St. Croix, WI by Debbie Robinson, Blue Jean Rug, Chenille Finish by Eileen Landstrom, Ardis Conklin, Holyoke, CO, Lori Lee-Weber, Westfield, WI, Evelyn Vignola sends hints, Florence H. Grimm, Albany, NY, Virginia Campbell, Coral Gables, FL. Book Review: All About Weaving by Clara Creager. Projects: Diamond Place Mats by Lennie Sobanja, Pansy Patch Pattern by Vada Frank.

Vol. 4 No. 2 Winter 1993
Larry and Jane Martin, Colonial Rug and Broom Shoppe, Janesport, MO, Portrait of Ruth King, Fort Dodge, IA by Rita Deyo Fleener, Louise Brasuell, Stilwell, OK, Audrey Stevens, waterloo, IA, Mary Johnson by her daughter, Mary Ann Fannell, Chisholm, MN. Projects:Placemats from a Swedish Rug Weave by Katie Schelleng, Russian Doukhobor Rug Pattern by Sandra Url.

Vol. 5 No. 1 Spring/Summer 1994
Call 911 by Hannah L. Barcus, St. Paul, MN, Vicki Scharen's Rugs, 2B Weavers of Oak Brook, IL explain the Fibronacci Formula for doing stripes, plaids and pattern areas, Carol Thilenius talks about her rag rugs, Carolyn Dieter Sullivan, Waynesville, NC on her "Memory Rug." Project: Log Cabin: The Basics by Gloria B. Skovronsky. Loom Page: The Newcomb Loom Co. by Theresa Trebon.

Vol. 5 No. 2 Winter 1994
Michigan Rag Rug Weaver, Lempi Rasanen, by Bidu Tashjian. Lou Hibbard, Howell, MI, Gloria Skovronsky, Bellevue, WA, Katie and Eli Swartzentruber, Kalona, IA, Esther Kyromaki, Duluth, MN on "Chasing," Project: Twice Woven Rag Rugs by Wendy Bateman, Loom Page: Structo Artcraft Looms by Theresa Trebon

Vol. 6 No. 1 Summer 1995
Aunt Hulda's Coat by Charles Benson, Heather Allen, Smithville, TN, Aunt Jennie's Parable by Giles Ekola, Marie Brugett, Her Story, A note from Gene Valk, Janice Ennen, Herman, MN. Project: Patchwork Log Cabin Placemats by Donna Bonchin. Loom Page: The Kessenich Loom Company.

Vol. 6 No. 2 Winter 1995
Alison Milne’s “Woven Patchwork,” Art and Mil Niinisto, Conneaut, OH, Woods Hall Craft Shop on Madeline Island by Hazel Douthit, Johanna Erickson, Watertown, MA, Sister Clare Renquin, Santa Rita Abbey, Sonoita, AZ. Project: Shaker Style Rag Rugs by Margaret Shaw. Loom Page: The Harrisville Loom, a critique by Donna Bonchin, Columbiana, OH.

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