Deen Loom Co., Harlan, Iowa
Manufactured from 1895 to the time of World War 2

Listed below are Deen Loom Manual Reference Numbers:

DLC1 -The Deen Fly Shuttle Loom "New Reliance" Instructions for Setting Up and Operating
plus Designs and Hints for Weaving. Two Harness. (42 p. booklet) copied version 23 p.

DLC2 - Instructions and Designs for the Universal Four Harness Loom. Fly Shuttle. Copied version 14 p.

DLC3 - Instructions for The Deen Twill Weave Four Harness Flying Shuttle Loom: Designs & Weaving Helps, 16 p.

DLC4 - Instructions for The Kwick Weave Two Harness loom. 8 p. (Incomplete, pages missing).

The Advance Fly Shuttle Loom, Deen Loom Co. Harlan Iowa