* Union Loom Works, Boonville, N.Y. * 1880 - 1940
ULW4 - Instruction Book for the Union Custom Loom Manufactured by Union Loom Works, Inc. 1913. (32 p. booklet) copied version, 16 p. similar to ULW5.
ULW5 - Instruction Book for the Union Special Loom. (16 p. booklet) copied version, 11 p. General instructions.
ULW6 - Instructions for Union Loom No.36, Union Victory Loom, Union Special Loom, 27 p
ULW7 - Instruction Book for the Union Home Loom, 22 p.

The Union Loom Works was founded in 1918. Elsaser, the Union Loom Works founder, was taught to weave by his grandfather, who had been a weaver at a time when handweaving was a financialy practical craft. In 1921 John Elsaser and his three sons incorporated this company in Boonvile, N.Y. producing looms, small furniature, and employing 160 workers.