Misc. Loom Companies

Listed below are Loom Manual Reference Numbers:

Allen Looms AL1- "Looms for Smaller Rooms". Article from The Oregonian Sunday Magazine. 8-7-49. 3 p.

ARS Knitting Machine Mfg. Co. Ltd., Hamamatsu, Japan ARS1-"ARS" Portable Weaving-Loom. Explanation with Lifting Plan, pp. 1-21.

Bailey Manufacturing Co., Lodi, Ohio BMC1-#650 Treatment Tested Loom, Assembly Instructions, Maintenance & Working Parts of the Loom, Resistive Uses of the Loom, p. 1-14. These jack-type floor looms were used for occupational therapy.

Barbour Loom The Linen Thread Company, New York LTC1-Directions for the Barbour Linen Loom, (23 p. booklet) copied version 12 p.

Emile Bernat & Sons BFL1- Handweaving on Loom Frames by Cecilia Cleveland Willard, published by Emile Bernat & Sons, four parts, 1932 (Orig.). The "Daga" loom and the "Kircher" loom, projects. 30 p.

Bonhop Loom BL1-Bonhop Loom. Instructions for setting up and weaving on the Bonhop Loom, 8 p.

Devereaux Mansion Loom, Devereaux Mansion, Marblehead, Massachusetts DML1-Devereaux Mansion Loom by Mary E. Black. 4 p. Describes the loom with drawings and measurements for building this small floor loom which is a modification of a Swedish loom.

Clement Loom A Canadian made loom built by Jules Clement et Fils Enrg. Distributed by American French Tool Company - Catalog cover, fact sheet, and loom assembly sheet and several color pictures. No instruction book.

The Dryad Press DFPL1-"Dryad Foot Power Looms," Leicester, England. Leaflet No. 90. Instructions for assembling, 16 p. booklet with photographs.

Eureka Weavers' Supply Works, Battle Creek, Michigan and Springfield, Ohio EWSW1-Directions for Setting Up and Operating The Eureka Loom. (17 p. booklet) copied version, 10 p. EWSW2-Descriptive Circular of the Eureka Hand Carpet Loom. (51 p. booklet, pages 34, 35 missing) 28 p. EWSW3-Descriptive Catalogue 1907 25 p. EWSW4-Eureka Fly Shuttle Iron Loom 8 p. (Sold by the Reed Loom Co. , Springfield, Ohio)

The Fairloom -see NLC11

Frentzel Products Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin FPC1-ad for new Frentzel Loom

James B. Funk Jr. & Sons, old Saybrook, CT JBFS1- catalogue for Loom Makers, 1970s.

Gallinger Crafts GC1-Handweaving Looms and Accessories, Gallinger Crafts, diagrams and drawings, 7 p.

Good Karma Looms, Chadron, Nebraska GKL1-directions for setting up an 18" Good Karma Continuous Warp 4H Loom with tension adjustment, 6 p.
The Handcrafters, Waupun, Wisconsin H1 Simplified Weaving with the Peacock 12-Inch Loom. 8 p.

Hand-Skill Looms and Supplies, Woonsocket, Rhode Island and Nadeau Handweaving Center, Chicago, Illinois. HSLS1 Hand-Skill Loom Instruction Book. The "Nadeau" loom (34 p. booklet) copied version includes newspaper article about Nadeau and loose sheets, 53 p.

Harald Marquardsen, Webstuhlbau, Flensburg, Germany HMW1- Price-List for Looms, 14 p. Catalogue for weaving and spinning. In German.

January & Wood Company, Inc. Maysville, Kentucky JWC1-Weaver's Manual presented to members of the Maysville Guild with the compliments of January & Wood Company, Inc., Maysville, Kentucky. cover and 31 p.

Kansas Emergency Relief Committee, Topeka, Kansas KERC1 Weaving Manual, Woman's Section, Engineering Department, Kansas Emergency Relief Committee, 1935. 43 p. Instruction book includes rag rugs and wool blankets.

Lane Looms: see PLNL

Leclerc Looms: see Nilus Leclerc

Lily Mills LL1- Lap Weaving. Directions fior setting up and warping a hexagonal frame placemat and doily loom. 9 p. LFL1-Instructions for Weaving on the Lily Folding Loom (Orig.) 22 p. Drawing of a 4 shaft, counterbalance floor loom with six treadles. Instructions for warping, putting on a sectional warp, threading, weaving including a number of drafts. LMC2-What Shall I Weave? Instructions for weaving on a small 2 shaft loom. 17 pgs.

Little Giant Loom LGL1- Weaving Instructions for Little Giant Loom. (Orig.) Making a chained warp, warping the loom, selected patterns. 4 p.

Loom Plans, The Oriental Loom Co. LP1-Instructions On Building A 36" Wide Hand Loom. The plans are drawn by Charles Crockett of The Oriental Loom Co. This is a sturdy two harness counterbalance loom for weaving rag rugs. 9 p. 1938.

Loomette Studios LS1-Loomette King. Illustrated Instructions and Suggestions. 4 p. 1951. How to warp and weave on a pin type, frame loom.

Lou Tate, Kenwood Hill, Louisville, Kentucky LT1-Weaving is Fun by Lou Tate. An instructional book for warping, weaving on a Lou Tate Loom. (Orig.) 1946. Many finger manipulated weaves. Chapter on 2 harness patterns. 69 p. LT2-From The Little Loom House, by Lou Tate, Volume V, 1971, Leno Lace (Orig.) 18 p.

Marcoux 45, see JLHC6

MasterWeaver Corp., Los Angeles, California MWC1 Pattern Weaving with the MasterWeaver Loom with 20 Patterns, 1978. 23 p.

Missouri Looms, St. Louis, Missouri ML1-Missouri Looms Manual. Instructions for weaving on the Missouri Folding Table Looms. Dressing the loom, weaving, arranging patterns for the loom. 13 p.

Nadeau Handweaving Center - see Handskill Looms and Supplies

Nilus Leclerc Inc, L'Islet, Quebec, Canada NLI1- Instructions for Setting Up Your "Leclerc Loom" 18 p. 1950s (?) NLI2- Instructions for Setting Up Your "Leclerc Loom", 16 p. 1940s (?) same as NLI2. NLI3-Instructions for Setting Up and Maintenance, 16 p., 1930s (?)
The Oriental Rug Company, Lima, Ohio ORC1-Loom Instruction Book for ORCO - Model 74, Four Harness - Six Treadle. 22 p.

Payton Loom Shop PLS1- The Minute Loom: How To Use It by Dorothy A. Payton. 6 p. copyright, 1970. How to warp and weave on a Minute Loom. How to mount your samples. (Orig.) PLS2- Color and Design by Dorothy A. Payton. 6 p. Minute Loom Course. Your first samples. copyright, 1970. Making Twills on the Minute Loom Easy To Do, The 2-Color Warps. PLS3- Color And Design by Dorothy A. Payton. Minute Loom Course published by Payton Loom Shop, 19630 S. W. Shaw Street, Aloha, Oregon 97005. 18 p. Much expanded version of PLS2. Includes color and design principles, fabrics of fabulous yarns, practical color information, color harmonies, tricks of the trade. PLS4-Color and Design Application. Minute Loom Weaving Course by Dorothy A. Payton published by Payton Loom Shop (see above for address) photography by Dr. W. R. Todd, copyright 1973. Similar material as in PLS3. PLS5-Set Up Your "Spiffy" Loom in Three Easy Steps published by Payton Loom Shop, Aloha, Oregon. 13 p. How to set up and weave on a small table loom. PLS6-The Terraspool Method of Warping For Handweavers by Dorothy and Curtis Payton, published by Terrace Yarn Shop, Portland, Oregon. copyright 1950. 20 p. Includes descitption of warping sectionally, winding spools, winding the sections, threading the loom, threading the heddles,tying warp to the material beam usiong knot and cord method of tightening the tension, instructions for making Payton Sectional Beam Conversion, warp frame and diagram of a counterbalance loom.

Peacock 12-inch Loom-see The Handcrafters, Waupun, Wisconsin

Purrington-Lane-Norris Looms PLNL1-Assorted articles about Rollo Purrington, Lane Looms. The Purrington Looms, LLC now made by Bruce Bannerman, PO Box 44, Scott Depot, WV 25560-0044, (304) 743-5455. Angel Wings and Doubling Stands.

Sabina Folding Loom, Loom Craft Studio, Wilmington , Ohio SFL-1 Sabina Folding Loom, Improved 1949 Models. Price List and Order Blank. 10 p related materials.

Sears Roebuck & Company, Chicago, Illinois SRC1-Weaving Instructions: Six Harness "Hearthside" Loom by Nellie Sargent Johnson, 1946. 15 p. Six harness, six treadle floor loom. SRC2- Instructions for the Use of the "Hearthside" Loom by Nellie Sargent. 7 p. Large frame loom. SRC3- Weaving on the Hearthside Loom by Nellie Sargent Johnson, 1942. 17 p. Large frame loom, similar instructions to SRC2 but expanded.

Spears Weaving Loom SWL1- Spears Weaving Loom Size 4 Pattern Book, printed in England. Instructions for setting up a frame loom. 23 p. copied (12 p.)

Structo Mfg. Co., Freeport, Illinois SMC1- Complete Manual of Instructions with Patterns - Threading and Weaving Drafts for Structo Artcraft Loom Nos. 240, 420 and 600. Manual, 1930. 8 p. Instructions for table loom. Mary M. Atwater patterns, 1-6 and 21-24 and 26-32. Four harness. Copied, 17 p. plus 8 p. instructions. SMC2- Notes on Eight -Harness Weaving Covering Structo Patterns Nos. 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38, 2 p. Mary M. Atwater patterns, 33-38. Eight harness. Copied, 6 p. plus 2 p. instructions. SMC3- Dick Blick Artcraft Loom Instruction Book (Structo) written by Ruth Nordquist Myers, 15 p. Warping with and without spools.

Tawido Little Indian Loom See JLHC4

Thought Products, Inc, R. D. 2, Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501 TLI1- Cassandra I Instruction Manual. (Orig.) 28 p. Large size pages with excellent drawings of loom parts and instructions for setting up including tie-ups, 1970s.
Weave-It Donar Products Corp. WIW1- Weave-It Weaves 1938 by Donar Products Corp. Directions for Using the Weave-It., Medford, Massachusetts. 32 p. WIW2-Vol. 30, 29 pgs WIW3-Afghans, #4, 19 pgs. WIW4- Weave It Weave In. 24 pgs.