Reed Loom Company of Springfield, Ohio - dates

Listed below are Reed Loom Manual Reference Numbers:

RLC1 - Guide to Handweaving, Arranged for the Use of the Looms of Reed Loom Company of Springfield, Ohio, compiled by Mary M. Atwater. For the "Cambridge" loom. 18 p.

RLC2 - Directions for Beaming a Warp and Operating the Weaver's Friend Loom. 2 p.

RLC3 - Directions for Beaming a Warp and Operating the Ideal & Little Dandy Looms. 2 p.

The Reed Loom Company was started in the late 1800s in Springfield, Ohio, by F. C. Reed. See figure 5-10. Its masterpiece was The WeaverJs Friend, a 45" wide, two-shaft loom with an automatic shaft changer. See figure 5-7B. The change was activated by two beats of the beater. This model was also available in 9, 10, or 12 foot sizes. For those wanting a less expensive loom, the company offered the Ideal, weaving up to 36" wide without the automatic change device, or the Little Dandy, weaving up to 30" wide. Both were two shaft looms. Another model was the Cambridge loom with four shafts and six treadles. It wove up to 45" wide and was recommended for teaching weaving in schools and colleges. After Reed's death, Paul Linker continued to build the looms until his death in the 1970s. The looms are no longer being manufactured