Newcomb Loom Co., Davenport, Iowa 1890 - 1930 *

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Studio Art Loom

Charles Newcomb, Omaha Nebraska contractor and wheel maker developed the “celebrated Newcomb Shuttle” along with a cylinder filling machine. in 1885 He was to sell 100s of these looms in the early 1880s in Nebraska, Kansas and western Iowa. In 1889, with a modifed fly shuttle loom he moved to Davenport and set up an enlarged factory where he produced “The Weaver’s Friend” a conterbalanced loom with 2 harnesses and 2 treadles. Later “The Little Daisy”, a 2 harness fly shuttle loom and “Weaver’s Delight”, a four harness fly shuttle loom were to follow.

NLC1- Instructions for Setting Up and Operating the Newcomb Improved No. 3 Loom (46 p. booklet) copied version, 24 p. Two harness fly shuttle loom./

NLC2 - Instructions for Setting Up and Operating the Little Daisy Rag Carpet Loom, (42 p. booklet) copied version, 21 p. Two harness fly shuttle loom.

NLC3 - Instructions for Setting Up and Operating the Improved Weaver 's Friend Carpet & Rug Loom (33 p. booklet) copied version, 18 p. Two harness treadle loom. Equipped with sectional warp beam. (NLC4 and also NLC5 - have much the same value for the owner of the Union Victory Loom.. Each has 2 illustrations)

NLC4 - Instructions for Assembling and Operating the Weaver's Delight Four-Harness, Fly Shuttle Carpet, Rug and Cloth Loom. 1910 (43 p. booklet) copied version, 22 p. Includes cam arrangements, Hollywood and Anderson Weaves. Four harness fly shuttle loom. Equipped with sectional warp beam.

NLC5 - Instructions for Assembling and Operating the Studio Four-Harness Art Loom, (22 p. booklet) copied version includes extra papers and designs, 27 p. Equipped with six treadles.

NLC6 - Price List B-Lists the following looms put out by the NLC: No. 3, Weaver's Friend, Little Daisy, Weaver's Delight , 1930s.

NLC7- Price List F- Lists the same looms as above, but offers repair only for the Little Daisy and Weaver's Friend as these two models
were discontinued at this point. 1940s.

NLC8- Price List and Repairs for the Studio Art Loom. Lists part names and prices for Studio Art. Does not have drawings of the loom parts.

NLC9- Simplex Registering Device-One page instruction sheet on the use of the Simplex Registering Device. This was used for measuring the number of revolutions of the warp beam during warping.

NLC11- Instructions for Four-Harness Six-Treadle Fairloom. 4 p. The Newcomb Loom Co. manufactured the Fairloom for Sears Roebuck. It is identical to the Studio Art Loom. Also made with two harnesses.

NLC12- Instructions for Four Harness Six Treadle Fairloom. 11 p. Includes the Anderson and the Hollywood Weaves. Similar to NLC11.

* To register your loom from the Newcomb Loom Co.(Weaver's Friend, Weaver's Delight, Newcomb Loom No.3, Studio) and for research on your loom, send the number to Theresa Trebon, 10619 Sterling Road, Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

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Weaver's Delight Four Harness Fly Shuttle Loom
Illustration from original Manual