Sep 2006

Historic Handloom Conference

I attended a wonderful conference on three-treadle looms in Salem, Indiana on

October 5-6, 2005. The conference was planned and facilitated by
Cindy Ruesink,

with technical assistance by her husband Bill. There were presentations on topics

such as the history of three-shaft weaving, history of Quaker weavers in Salem,

Research on Welsh weavers, and Dendrochronology (wood identification andating).

I was able to weave on all three types of three-treadle looms. Demonstrations

included how to tie up a three-shaft loom, and patterns, yarns and setts for three-

shaft weaving.

Here is a photo from the conference. For more information, go to our section on

or visit Cindy's website.

Eureka Loom Restoration

Eureka Looms are now being restored in different places around the country. The one pictured here is in the early stages of restoration. This model was introduced to the market in 1880 by Eureka Fly Shuttle Loom inventor Dr. Kynett. By 1885, he as allowing trade-ins of this model for his newest fly shuttle loom model.

For more on Eureka Looms, see the Rag Rug Handbook. See the Misc. Loom Companies page for available Eureka Loom manuals.