Oct 2006

Rag Rug Show & Tell

Rag rugs are an important part of the Weavers Friend Website. Indeed, Rag Rug

weaving is an important part of weaving in America. Rug weavers and their rugs have,

in recent years, had a venue at The Hand Weavers Guild of America Inc. conferences.

Pictured below is HGA's 2004 Conference held in Denver, Colorado. The Rag Rug Show

& Tell was hosted by Gail Madden, Boulder, Colorado, with photos by Beverly Weaver,

Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This Conference is an internatioinal event sponsored by The Hand Weavers Guild

of America and will be held again this summer 2006 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Write for details. Or visit the
Handweavers Guild of America Inc. (HGA) Web Site for

details. All rag rug weavers and their rugs are welcome. Be there! Bring your rugs to

Grand Rapids, Michigan for 'Convergance 2006! '