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The Spring/Summer 2012 Weavers Friend Newsletter has recently been published. This issue contains a revised and expanded history of the Deen Loom Company. Also included: Necktie Rug Project by Sandy Voss.

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Deen Loom News
The history of Deen Loom Company will be revisited at a conference to be held in Clayton, New York, in the spring of 2012. Details to come...
The Weavers Friend Newsletter
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Adventures in Three Harness Weaving
Every Loom Has A Story

RoraStrom1Newcomb Loom #354
On the left: Finish rug weaver Rora Strom 1972 seated at her handmade loom
On the right: The Newcomb Semi automatic rug loom manufactured in the 1890s.

Hand looms have evolved throughout the centuries. Originally all looms were hand made. Then came the industrial revolutions and looms were transformed into metal weaving machines, powered by water and then by steam. However, hand weaving continued to be important. In the late 19th and 20th century, using some of the technical advances of industrial weaving equipment, specialized looms were manufactured for hand weavers who still used their own physical strength to operate the weaving equipment. Much of this web site deals with these hand weavers and their looms. Look for links to be added later to this website.